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Knower Tech bridges the gaps in the digital advertising market with inventive tech. Heading the ideation and in-house development of proprietary tech, we build tools aligned to help advertisers execute campaigns with agility.



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We’re constantly examining new ways to elevate the digital advertising experience. We’re committed to continually improving any released or unreleased products we have in development as the industry evolves.


Advertising Audiences

RainBarrel is a proprietary Audience Graph built with geospatial data to help advertisers deliver their message to the right people…


Automated Ad Creation

AdRetriever helps streamline the creation of ecommerce campaigns, by automatically generating and updating dynamic online ads…


Search Automation

RoverWords automates the creation and maintenance of your search campaigns, using Machine Learning…

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Unannounced Product 2
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The Brains Behind the Builds

Meet the team that’s always formulating something new at Knower Tech.



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We’re transforming the ad tech industry, one build at a time.

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